New Concept Clear Face Shield

Clear Face Shield- VYZA

 “We imagined a mask of the future for the world of today"



"We imagined a mask with a more human face...that would take us from virtual crowds, to real connections" 




 "We imagined combining the caring of a mask with the clarity of a shield"





Our VYZA clear shield is a totally new concept in face coverings, which combines the caring of a mask with the clarity of a shield.

Ergonomically sculpted to outline the contours of the face, it fully covers the nose and mouth area to keep projection and penetration of larger droplets, in particular, to a minimum. 

It is worn in much the same way as a pair of glasses, and is as comfortable…and like glasses, can also be used with a retainer cord for convenience.

For added protection, we have designed an innovative attachment, which we have named the 'VYZA Bandana'. This is made of a double layer of soft fabric, and when fitted, covers the gap between the shield and neck area. It is adjustable and very easily added or removed for washing and preference.



Our Products


VYZA Crystal Clear, Contoured Face shield.

Can be worn with glasses, without fogging them. Comfortable and practical to wear. It is reusable, recyclable and Anti-Fog Treated.

VYZA Bandana

Fabric attachment accessory, for added protection which can be adjusted to fit and easily removed for washing.

 VYZA Retainer Cord

Allows you to wear the VYZA around your neck until it is needed.


A small, soft, self adhesive, silicone insert which can be added to give another layer of protection and comfort if needed over the nose area.


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