Q. Can I wear a VYZA face shield with glasses?

A. Absolutely. They work very well together.


Q. Will my face shield fog up?

A. No. All our VYZA face shields have been treated with an anti-fog coating which is guaranteed to keep any fogging to an absolute minimum.


Q. How do I clean my face shield?

A. A gentle bath in warm bubbles is what our VYZA likes...warm soapy water and a gentle pat dry with a kitchen roll or soft tea towel.


Q. What are your clear masks made of?

A.  VYZA is made from transparent polycarbonate which is fully recyclable and very durable.


Q. Are your face shields recyclable?

A. Yes, our VYZA clear shields are all fully recyclable.


Q. Do your face visors feel comfortable on the nose?

A. Yes, they feel much the same as a pair of glasses.


Q. Is the VYZA clear shield comfortable to wear?

A. Yes it is. You may find it feels strange for the first few minutes but after that, it’s so comfortable, you can pretty much forget you’re wearing it.


Q. Clear shields are great for communication but they are less effective than masks aren’t they because of the gaps around them?

A. Face shields were originally intended to be used with a face mask, mainly because the huge gap between the the face and shield, made it much less effective.

We kept this in mind when we developed our Vyza and followed the contours of the face a close as possible. We also created our VyzA Bandana accessory for added protection.

This is an adjustable fabric attachment which fits snuggly, around the outer edge of the shield and finishes closely to the skin, reducing particle spread in much the same way a mask does.


Q. If I wear my VYZA with the Bandana attachment, is it PPE?

A. No, it is not suitable for PPE.  It falls within the government guidelines for transparent face coverings and community face coverings.


If you have any other questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you so please just drop us an email at contact@vyza.co.uk