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Crystal clear. Comfortable. Reusable. Recyclable. Anti-fog treated
Precision moulded, crystal clear polycarbonate for quality and durability 
Ergonomic sculpted design outlining the contours of the face.
Fully covers the nose and mouth area to minimise projection and penetration of larger droplets, in particular.
It is worn in much the same way as a pair of glasses, and is as comfortable…and like glasses, it can also be used with a retainer cord for convenience.
Can be worn with glasses, without fogging them
Can be worn on its own or with the added protection of our reusable ’Bandana' attachment. 
Crystal CLEAR
Anti-fog Treated
One size
Easy to clean

 VYZA Bandana


Our Vyza “Bandana” is an optional, fabric attachment for added safety and comfort, designed to fit snugly around our clear shield to give extra protection for those who would like it.

It is made of a soft, double layer, of dense but breathable fabric which can be very easily added or removed for washing and preference. 

For further safety and comfort, the Bandana can also be adjusted to fit perfectly around your jaw line by the use of a simple toggle, sealing off any open gaps between the shield and the neck area.

When fitted correctly our VYZA, with the bandana complies with government guide lines for community face covering in accordance with BSI Flex 5555 standard.

Please note, the VYZA Bandana is sold separately to the Vyza mask and is not included if you order the shield on its own.




Retainer Cord


A good quality black retainer cord which is 70cm long and has very secure silicone ends that work rather too well if attached to the VYZA by over 1cm or so! Under that, it’s very easy to slip on and off and works brilliantly. :-)

Wearing the VYZA with the retainer makes life really simple...It’s right there, waiting around your neck, ready for when you need it.





The self-adhesive nose bridge is made of soft silicone and is very easy to apply.

It can be used to add yet another level of protection and comfort, and withstands washing in warm soapy water along with the mask.